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Realtors work for free for the buyer?

Most realtor professional services to the buyer are covered by the seller during the closing in the form of the commission from the sale.  The final split is usually predetermined when the house is listed.  The real estates brokerage that your realtor is contracted with collects this and then they finally pay your realtor. The…

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Evaluating your Readiness to Buy a Home

Is it time to purchase your first home?  Owning your own home may offer many advantages including building equity, qualifying for tax deductions, and having a place to call your own. It also requires a level of financial and emotional readiness.  Evaluating your position in each of the following categories can help guide you as…

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The first-time homebuyer’s guide to applying for a home loan

Purchasing your first home can be one of the most exciting and overwhelmingly stressful experiences of your life. Yet, armed with the appropriate knowledge and information, you can define your budget, get pre-approved for your home loan, shop for the perfect house and close the transaction with confidence. 1. Assess the amount of money that…

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